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Hello. My name is Mary Moerbe, and I am not as on top of things as I should be. I have Lutheran novels I meant to read a year or two ago! So, wish me luck, because I hope this is the summer I start to catch up. 🙂 My twins are mostly potty-trained, I’m more or less making progress on my own writing projects . . . this may be the time!

Lutheran novels I hope to read and review this summer

I would also love to read some Lars Walker and catch up on Ray Keating.

Blogwise, there are smaller things I plan to review, too, such as a kids book by CPH that I hope to review this week or next. There are some old out-of-print Lutheran novels I may try to get to, but, who am I kidding? It’s not like adult summer breaks are as at-ease as kids’. 🙂

Meanwhile I’m trying to plow through three different books at the same time, one of them being Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free ProductivityLOL

For your own summer reading, I’ll remind you of my list of Living Lutheran Authors and point back to my CPH Reads plan, too (although I forgot to mention the CPH book I’m currently reading: Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up: 12 False Christs).

Happy writing, folks.


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  1. Last Summer of Eden is on my summer reads list this year too. Along with a freakishly long list of books on the science behind emotions that I can never quite get on top of. (Sigh)

  2. Deon Hull

    “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up” is a good one that I just finished not too long ago. A Pastor friend recommended it to me in response to a larger conversation concerning the mission field of the pews. He was using it in his Bible Class hour and it raised a lot of heated discussion. One would think that those attending an LCMS congregation would rightly understand the person and ministry of Jesus. Some have adopted culturally manufactured facsimiles despite what is being preached on Sundays. The Pastor opened my eyes to the thought that there is a mission opportunity in the pews every Sunday that needs to be recognized and addressed. We can’t assume a common understanding of even the basic tenets of the faith.

    • On one hand, it is very, very sad to think the congregations are also an ongoing mission field. On the other hand, ha ha, doesn’t it remind us to REMAIN in the Word, actively giving and receiving it and God’s other churchly gifts? It isn’t really a surprise that we keep relearning the same good things over and over again. Thanks be to God that He continues to come to teach us exactly through the Real Jesus, the Gospel, and faithful proclamation and administering of His gifts!

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