Looking for Good Resources on Vocation

Calling all Lutherans! Calling all Lutherans! I’m looking for good resources on vocation for a project. All sorts of resources, digital or offline, books, articles, blog posts, speakers, etc!

You know me. I love resources. I already have a pretty good start, but I know that I can do a better job with your help!

Good resources on vocation? I bet you can think or find me some. Favorite professor? Youtube channel? You name it. Again, vocation is today’s name of the game!

Dear readers, you are a quiet lot. I know you’re more likely to email me than comment below. That’s FINE. Contact me through my form, comment on the Facebook post, message me, email me, comment below, whatever. 🙂 

This week I’ll be asking for resources, free or not-free, for a few days. I’ll do my best to make it worth your while!

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