Looking for Good Resources on Science

Today I’m looking for good resources on science. I don’t mean as a way to teach it to my kids, and I don’t mean to objectify or personify it. At the same time, I’m hoping for more than “faith and science” stuff. For example, I’ve had this thought—tell me if I’ve gone too far!

I am a word person far more than a number or other symbol person. But bear with me for this thought:

Vocation is a system through which the Creator provides personalized care. But what if science is a subset within it, not in the sense of a distinct office but as a tool for which we recognize need and opportunity with both living and non-living material?

Isn’t science an extension of reason and logic? A way to carefully consider and learn from creation? And, isn’t that given to us for service toward our neighbors and care-giving toward creation?

Isn’t science what shapes how we best care for our farms, livestock, pets, gardens, books, clothing, etc? Even the most basic attempts to “do what works” are attempts at science, aren’t they?

Of course, science is also a way to marvel and explore a fantastic creation. I don’t mean to belittle that science can be pursued as praise to the Creator. I’m just a vocationally-minded girl right now.

Maybe I say the above because it’s so absurd to me that people pit science against Scripture. It’s almost like I want to turn their arguments upside down. 

Anyway, much as I requested yesterday, I’m looking for Lutherans who speak or write about science, books, articles, blog posts, etc. Comment or contact me in some way. 🙂

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