Summer Reading Challenge Recommendations

I seem to vacillate between visions of grandeur and chaos. And I just may turn to pre-planning in the hopes of chaos getting a little better, a little smooth, maybe even more full in some way. I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy. 🙂 Or just a homeschooler. Either way, could you look over my CPH Summer Reading Challenge Recommendations? It’s based off what I’ve assigned my kiddos, but then I added upper ages just for the fun & forethought of it.

Let me know what you think of my recommendations by age: specifically whether my recommendations for older ages  are crazy. Let’s face it. My oldest may be a mature super reader, but she is only 10. 🙂 Thanks!

Summer Reading Challenge

The CPH Reading Challenge encourages a minimum of 1,000 points in order to enter for a prize. CPH books are typically 100 points each, with other books scoring 50. I aim for each list to have a minimum of 1,000 points total.



Early Reader Non-Chapter Books


Early Chapter Books

A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories, 100pt

The Time of the Church series, books 50 pts ea

Hero of Faith series, 100pt ea:


Upper Elementary through Middle School


Middle Schoolish through Junior High


High School

  • Spirituality of the Cross by Gene Veith, 100pt
  • Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood by Gene Veith and Mary Moerbe, 50pt
  • The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, 50pt
  • Will the Real Jesus Please Stand up? 12 False Christs by Matthew Richard, 100pt
  • Five Things You can Do to Live a Jesus Centered Life or others in that series, 100pt ea.
  • A Little Book on Joy by Matthew Harrison, 100pt
  • Romans: A Devotional Commentary by Bo Giertz, 100pt
  • Hammer of God by Bo Giertz, 100pt
  • Handling the Word of Truth by John Pless, 100pt
  • The Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer’s Quest for the Gospel by Craig Parton, 100pt
  • Religion on Trial by Craig Parton, 100pt

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