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I hope by now I’ve established that I want to encourage you, especially to write. Now, sure, I’d like to sell a few books along the way so now and again I look up things about “author websites” and blah blah blah. Well, A) apparently I’m not going to be giving any advice about “author websites,” and B) it’s apparently a thing to have progress indicators.

The reasoning is that any reader who visits your website, wanting to know when your next, will be kept happiest seeing that another one is on the way. Still, the logistics escape me. Progress toward writing? What about the big ol’ length of time for publication? And, how can it possibly be accurate considering no one knows how often they’ll need to rewrite or how long they’ll need to edit?

Then there’s this big one: progress? On a single project?! What about all the other things that pop up? Seriously, if I looked through my stuff, I’m sure I could find at least two things nearly ready to send to a publisher (to query, that is), another few projects I should work on, and several ideas I thought were brilliant and will some day remember as brilliant as well.

Lol, maybe I’m the unprofessional, unfocused goof who will never have that kind of reader. Maybe that makes me an amateur–one who writes for love rather than money, but I’m not fixin’ to change on this. You wouldn’t really expect me to, right?

Anyway, I’m glad I just want to encourage you. I’m happy to add my opinion and voice some suggestions, but I’m further now than ever about giving any direct marketing advice via author websites. Even if this one site counts as one.

Progress indicators. Ha! I have exceedingly few expectations for any form of writing indicators! lol

Anyway. I bet someone was paid big bucks for that article I read. What a world. Rest assured I will not look for progress indicators from you!


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