Under the Golden Dome

Ladies & Gentlemen, today’s post is a review of Ray Keating‘s latest release, Under the Golden Dome: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel.

Under the Golden Dome Review

Another fast-paced read from Lutheran author Ray Keating. This time, however, there are unbalanced elements within the very churches themselves: both Lutheran and Roman Catholic.

I can’t say that imagining bad guys among us is my favorite activity, but times certainly come when we have to realize that radicalization can happen anywhere. Sin is real in all its depths.

I enjoyed all the lovely descriptions of Notre Dame, and I enjoy imagining a way that Christians can come together to affirm important things.

Capitalism stars, of course, with some very interesting Roman Catholic thoughts on it.

Series Review

Here are the Pastor Stephen Grant novels & short stories in order with my reviews:

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  4. The River(2014) (Reviewed here)
  5. Murderer’s Row (2015) (Reviewed here)
  6. Wine Into Water (2016) (Reviewed here)
  7. Lionhearts (2017) (Reviewed here)
  8. Reagan Country (2018) (I missed reviewing one! I know I read it and enjoyed it. Huh.)
  9. Heroes & Villains(2018) (short story) (Reviewed here
  10. Shifting Sands(2018) (short story) (Reviewed here)
  11. Deep Rough (July 16, 2019) (Reviewed HERE here, above)
  12. The Traitor (December 9, 2019) (novella?) (Reviewed here)
  13. Vatican Shadows (November 30, 2020) (Reviewed here)
  14.  Past Lives: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story(February 26, 2021) (short story in journal form)
  15. What’s Lost? A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story(May 28,2021) (Reviewed here)
  16. Persecution (November 4, 2022) (Reviewed here)
  17. Under the Golden Dome (November 28, 2023) (Reviewed here)

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